I’m enjoying a relaxing morning at the cafe by the Sea. Salmon salad for lunch. Refusing to let the drama of the week keep me down! (Horrible grammar! Lazy author) Yes, my Government of Canada account was hacked! No idea how. So I will die one day with bad credit—identity theft. “Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn!”

You may not know this unless we are FB buds or you read my books, I currently live in Istanbul. Turkey! the short answer to your question is LOVE and Turkish men are very charming. Especially if they work with tourists! But I was easy. He’s sweet and cute. And his love was something I needed 3 years ago when I met him.

So I’m in a Muslim country. Major tourism from countries I had to use a map to find. And because I’m curious, I have a gazillion questions and thoughts.

I look around the cafe—Istanbul and Turkey are secular. Most women who live in my neighborhood—trendy, artsy—wear western clothing but many tourists are completely covered. Eyes only. Today a woman is not only in a Burka but is wearing black gloves also. And sunglasses.

This brings me to my question which I share only with you. Now this is coming from a very liberal woman, born Catholic, became a Nun for six months, married, divorced, converted to Judaism. And now I’m living in a Muslim country!

Back to my question. First the answer to the covering is modesty—the short answer. Inside the home anything goes. My friend says in Islam “women are special.” I accept the answer of course.

But here is my dilemma: in the Muslim faith are women supposed to be invisible?

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