I never thought I would write a memoir. After all, who would want to read about my life?

But it turns out that from 20 books on Amazon, my first memoir, LOVE The Beat Goes On, is my best-selling book. Why? I’m not famous…maybe infamous amongst my friends and colleagues from my past life!

I once read: When you write a memoir, there’s no place to hide.

I think that’s very true. When you begin the process, it’s embarrassing. To be authentic, you must write the good and the bad. You open yourself up for criticism. If a reader doesn’t like one of my novels, I can get over it. But when a reader criticizes my life, that hurts. So, if I was going to continue to share my life, I had to grow a very thick skin.

LOVE The Beat Goes On had to be written.

Along with the nasty comments (I only remember one, and it was brutal), this is the reason I write memoirs: “The courage, strength, vulnerability, and authenticity shared in her words was poignant and moved me in so many ways- and there was a lot of thoughts amongst Ms. Filler’s insights and musings that were things I didn’t even realize that I needed to ‘hear’ or be reminded of. A lot of the story moved me to tears- as I felt for her, and/or her words touched me so, so deeply.”

So I waited with “bated breath.” (I have no idea what that means!), and the reviews for Destiny’s Daughter began to appear.


“I hated when this one ended. (Destiny’s Daughter) Her life both fascinates and devastates me, and if I could meet one author in my life, it would be her. Would love to talk with her, walk with her, and hope that I could walk away with just a fraction of the positivity, strength, and courage that she carries with her. I can not get enough, and I guess that’s why I follow her everywhere (FB, and always check in to see how she is doing, I love seeing her beautiful pictures and her smile is so infectious that it is an awesome way to just not only enter one of her books but feel like I’m sitting right there on her studio apartment patio or her “office” with her.”

And when this one came in this morning on Destiny’s Daughter, I knew you would enjoy hearing about the “real” me!

I’m in love with this book, but not surprised at Lynda’s life….at all.
You see, I worked closely with Lynda in Mexico for many years, and she was a great mentor to me. We closed a lot of business back in those days. I even got a part in one of her books…….
She always had an aura of spirituality about her. (In fact, we had a nickname for her.. KBY-Kum-ba-ya). It’s rare to find this in a person in our line of business. (sales)

Lynda is the real deal
She practices what she preaches.
She is brave.
She is wise.
She is an open book
She is my spirit animal.
And yes…she is a cougar! She gives me hope that love and passion are possible at any age.
I was sad when she left me in the Lions’ Den…BUT…following her adventures and cheering her on is my pleasure. And reading about them is my joy.
Well done, my friend. Well done.

So if you are in the mood for a totally unfiltered story about this hopeless romantic who left Canada to live in Mexico! Then in 2019, I sold everything I owned in Puerto Vallarta, packed one suitcase, and bought a series of one-way tickets to destinations I always wanted to visit. I thought I might end up in Bali! I could write anywhere. It was good enough for Elizabeth Gilbert. Instead, my Eat Pray Love journey included a brief layover in a city called Istanbul, in a country I knew nothing about. When my last ticket ran out, I would return to Istanbul to spend more time with a handsome young Turk who had stolen my heart. And it’s been my home for the last three years.

I couldn’t do any of this without your constant support and love. Thank you for following my musings!

Istanbul, Turkey

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