The view from my office 2018 in Mexico
One of my Love Paintings. I sold everything end of 2018 to travel.
The view from my condo near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I said goodbye early 2019 to travel to many destinations around the world.
Wild Oregon Coastline on the drive from Mexico to Canada. I drove back to Canada and then returned to Mexico by myself. Magical trips.
Self Portrait from a photo. I think is my version of Picasso!
My Coming of Age Party 70th in Mexico. Solo birthday–just the way I wanted it to be.

Some of these images are featured in LOVE The Beat Goes On the second edition, others are from my new memoir to be released this month CAFE CONFIDENTIAL. Thanks for pre-ordering!

If you already have LOVE, ask Amazon to update your version on Kindle to add the photos. It’s free to do this.