Mom and I early 50’s in Petawawa Army Base
Mike and I. Come on, admit it. I was super cute!
This Girl has an attitude! Two years old and you could already see it! Don’t mess with my dolly!
Dad and I, home in Petawawa after WWII
Mom’s First Communion Prayer book 1928 It’s inscribed in my mother’s handwriting with her own name spelled RETA. It makes me smile. My mom was an amazing woman.
My boys Sacha on my right, Zack on my left in the Rocky Mountains ’90s traveling from Montreal, QC to Whistler, BC
One of my all-time favorite photos. Zack on the day of his bris. He was a week old, and I was still in a wheelchair after a near death experience giving birth to him. You can see I thought he was worth every scary moment I went through to have him.
For many years I would take a picture of the four boys, My two on your left. Zack and Sacha. And my sister Cathie’s two boys Stephen and David.

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