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I Obsess I obsess Re-read every word you ever sent add words between the lines over the lines, read under the lines and into the lines and between them, I glimpse me peaking, seeking tracing your photo with lonely fingertips wanting more when you are near, I smile, tingle, feel while I file away another … Continue reading FREE is always good!!

#Instafreebie! Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Books, Previews Take advantage and enjoy! And while you're there get a Preview of TARGET in the SUN! TARGET IN THE SUN' a moving, high anxiety romance thriller, takes place on a perilous journey through the explosive dark underworld of organized drug trafficking and the complex, destructive human perils of use, abuse and the carnage it … Continue reading #Instafreebie! Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Books, Previews

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What readers have to say: “Five Giant Stars! I read it one day! Could not put it down and loved this unique and brilliant approach to letting each character tell the story through their own narrative. Highly recommend it and I plan on reading more novels from this author. Thank you Lynda Filler!” “All in … Continue reading What Do You Mean It’s Free…


  Author Lynda Filler delivers yet another exceptional romance thriller with ‘VANISHED in the SUN’, an edgy nail biter novel set in the sultry, sexy coastal Mexico play land of Puerto Vallarta. Lovers Mia and Carlos have found peaceful and loving sanctuary in a remote and distant, undisclosed location through the witness protection program. With … Continue reading FREE on AMAZON!!

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  Vintage Heart   she counted her heartbeats were any missing were they spaced correctly had she left any struggling lagging behind l o s t broken pieces of her heart used/abused/refused-love pieces   and then one day she found a nearly-new heart online unused-sort of still in it’s original wrapping vintage t e c … Continue reading FREE, LAST DAY… You Know You Want It

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  Feelings for Lynda’s musings: "What I love about your writing is how much I can read on the surface and how much color lays between the lines. Your words continue to be my shining star. Never ceasing to amaze, you bring me into the heart and soul of your Muse. Simply wonderful, Lynda.” Don … Continue reading What Do The Readers Say? #Free #Poetry #Kindle


I (Spy) Love is the 3rd in a series of poetry books.  It's a Free Download on Amazon Kindle all week. Please read and share.    life/dream-states/premonitions/totems/healings/passions/hates/loves/lovers/soul-speak/heart-mates/obsessions/family/lost-love/freedom. Free June 26-30 Amazon Kindle. Send it to someone you love.  Thankyou.