Paris! Waiting for you, a photo blog​ ❤️

Yummy!   World Cup Week!   Wine Cave, you would love it here!   People watching on the Subway   Storms coming   Write with me!   Hanging with Félix   ❤️ We share our cookies! Waiting for you!   "Barbara was born here. The most beautiful love story."  ❤️ One day they will say that about us. … Continue reading Paris! Waiting for you, a photo blog​ ❤️

“I’m not a body with a soul…”

I'm not a body with a soul, I’m a soul that has a visible part called the body.” Paulo Coelho   Have you ever stood above yourself and gazed down and watched your body doing something mundane? Have you ever been in the midst of a crowd of talking, laughing, with excited people and found … Continue reading “I’m not a body with a soul…”

Simply Beautiful

Is it the Pacific NorthWest or the Pacific Southernmost point of Canada? Either way, it's simply beautiful!   Vancouver Island Vancouver Island Wallace Island Wallace Island Vancouver Island 2018 © Lynda Filler Photographer Feel free to share!   More about the Pacific N.W. Whistler, Pemberton Ice Fields and all around the world in JET-Exposed novella 1 … Continue reading Simply Beautiful

as Coelho would say… imperfections

  © Lynda Filler Photography 2018 "A sunset (or sunrise) is always more beautiful when it is covered with irregularly shaped clouds, because only then can it reflect the many colors out of which dreams and poetry are made." Coelho on Beauty Coelho says beauty exists not in sameness. So why do we seek perfection in … Continue reading as Coelho would say… imperfections

Sex Toys and Videotape

© Lynda Filler Photography   Sex Toys and Videotape she stood before her mirror anointing and appointing black lace silky sexy hose satin ropes silver hand cuffs and a very long, very fat toy   a boy’s toy for a man’s game   would it please him would it seize him embrace his imagination inflame … Continue reading Sex Toys and Videotape


  © Lynda Filler Photography   Longing   the wind a delicate caress kissed her skin she closed her eyes sighed overwhelmed with longing and heard a swallow sing his purpose clear two golden butterflies danced like lovers unaware a storm’s brewing she mused soon nature’s drops will mingle with her tears   © The … Continue reading Longing