A Message from#RWISA President Nonnie Jules

    Because of the division that's going on in our world right now, the hate that's being stirred up and spewed by these White Supremacist groups, we felt it appropriate and extremely necessary that we share a piece from our President, Nonnie Jules, that needs to be wide-spread.   I am a black woman, … Continue reading A Message from#RWISA President Nonnie Jules

Welcome #RWISA Author Linda Mims!

  You Take the Blue Pill, the Story Ends. You Take the Red Pill … By Linda Mims I was sixteen when I first suspected that I might be the one. I’d seen people in my family striving for excellence all my life. My parents’ friends were creative types who often took time to quiz … Continue reading Welcome #RWISA Author Linda Mims!

Meet #RWISA Author Stephanie Collins

  Guilt, Shame & Fear By Stephanie Collins “I can’t stand the feeling of being out of control, so I’ve never had any interest in trying drugs or alcohol,” I mused. “You sure seemed to have an interest when you were younger,” Dad informed me. He responded to my perplexed look before I had a … Continue reading Meet #RWISA Author Stephanie Collins

Meet #RWISA Author D. L. Finn

    EXPANSION Flowing out before me – while approaching - In the sweeping motion of a grand gesture Presenting its soulful sweetness. Behind me is a small desert I’ve crossed - shoeless While carefully stepping over the littered offerings. Salt saturates my senses As the gentle-wind styles my hair, With the latest sea breeze … Continue reading Meet #RWISA Author D. L. Finn

Welcome #RWISA Author Marcha Fox

  Your Wildest Dreams I inhaled sharply when I recognized the introductory riff wafting from my favorite 80s station as Your Wildest Dreams by the Moody Blues. Even though I had the original 45 RPM record, the album on cassette tape, and more recently, the CD, I kept them safely locked away so I wouldn't … Continue reading Welcome #RWISA Author Marcha Fox