Keep on going

Whatever your dreams and goals, keep on going. When I started my author business in the summer of 2015, I had no idea it would grow to 14 publications in 4 genres, Poetry, Action Novellas, Contemporary Fiction, and Memoir. I have at least six more books occupying space in my mind and my heart. How will … Continue reading Keep on going

Keep Going…take a leap!

You know I'm a huge fan of Evan Carmichael. I listen to him every day while preparing for my day. I always learn something new or am reminded of an old good habit I may have let lapse. But most of all, I'm inspired by Evan's passion and his commitment to collecting the information for … Continue reading Keep Going…take a leap!

“If You Don’t Have TIME, You Don’t Have PRIORITIES!”

First of all, thanks to Evan Carmichael and his #Believe network for Tim Ferriss's 10 Rules for Success Vol. 2. Find Evan on YouTube with new motivational/inspirational videos daily. This site is my first stop every morning before I begin my day! Let's take a look at what Tim Ferriss has to say. Many of you … Continue reading “If You Don’t Have TIME, You Don’t Have PRIORITIES!”

Be Driven by Passion

  images may be subject to ©   Love this: Evan Carmichaels Top Ten Rules for Success DEMI LOVATO "If you're looking for ways to find your path, focus, and keep going, this video--and list--is for you. Lessons to be celebrated from a woman who speaks openly about being bullied so badly growing up that … Continue reading Be Driven by Passion

Give Unconditional Love! He said what?

  Give Unconditional Love is not a Top Ten Rule For Success that I would expect to hear from Warren Buffett. For those of you too young or simply unfamiliar with Mr.Buffett let me share a few things about him. First, he's from Omaha Nebraska, born, raised and never left. Second, he's very humble as … Continue reading Give Unconditional Love! He said what?

You want to know his Top 10 Rules of success!!

He produced his first body of music at 16 years of age! My friends know that DJ Tiesto and house music are my favorites so this young man has caught my attention! I would #LOVE to share his top 10 Rules of success with you. Martijn Gerard Garritsen (born 14 May 1996), known professionally as Martin … Continue reading You want to know his Top 10 Rules of success!!