©2019 Lynda Filler Photography The Taj Mahal, Agra, India
©2019 India
©2019 New Delhi, India
©2019 New Delhi, Sikh Temple feeding thousands for free daily. A highlight of my trip.


home of Luci/Samaar from the Code Raven Group series, my darling Félix, and countless memories.


©2020 The Eiffel Tower, Canstock

In Paris, I tap into my creative soul. I wander the streets, eat, shop, and inhaling the history and passion of this vibrant eclectic city.

©2020 Lynda Filler Photography,  Galeries Lafayette.DSCN8975

A favorite Cafe in Montmartre.  ©2020 Au Relais, Lynda Filler Photography,


©2020 Lynda Filler Photography Paris, the 17th


©2020 Lynda Filler Photography Paris

© 2020 Lynda Filler Photography Istanbul, Turkey, home of the Code Raven 7 THE ISTANBUL CONSPIRACY
©2020 Lynda Filler Photography A beautiful capture of the city and reflections back. Istanbul at sundown.
©2019 The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey
©2019 Fish anyone? Istanbul, Turkey
©2020 Lynda Filler Photography Jerusalem: The Wailing Wall, and the Al Aqsa Mosque.
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And the following pages will give you additional photos from my personal life and the journey of a lifetime,



A chance encounter with a young Muslim man on a flight to Paris, a friendship with a book critic in New Delhi, and a doomed love affair all led a hopeless romantic to liquidate her life in Mexico and buy a series of one-way tickets with no return destination.

Find out what life can be like when a woman in the latter years of her life decides to let go of her past and fit all that she treasures into one suitcase.

So grab a cappuccino or herbal tea if you prefer and join Lynda at Café Confidential. She will share her adventures and secrets as she travels to France, India, Israel, Malaysia, and Turkey. Perhaps she can convince you that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.