©2019 Lynda Filler Photography The Taj Mahal, Agra, India
©2019 India
©2019 New Delhi, India
©2019 New Delhi, Sikh Temple feeding thousands for free daily. A highlight of my trip.


home of Luci/Samaar from the Code Raven Group series, my darling Félix, and countless memories.


©2020 The Eiffel Tower, Canstock

In Paris, I tap into my creative soul. I wander the streets, eat, shop, and inhaling the history and passion of this vibrant eclectic city.

©2020 Lynda Filler Photography,  Galeries Lafayette.DSCN8975

A favorite Cafe in Montmartre.  ©2020 Au Relais, Lynda Filler Photography,


©2020 Lynda Filler Photography Paris, the 17th


©2020 Lynda Filler Photography Paris

© 2020 Lynda Filler Photography Istanbul, Turkey, home of the Code Raven 7 THE ISTANBUL CONSPIRACY
©2020 Lynda Filler Photography A beautiful capture of the city and reflections back. Istanbul at sundown.
©2019 The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey
©2019 Fish anyone? Istanbul, Turkey
©2020 Lynda Filler Photography Jerusalem: The Wailing Wall, and the Al Aqsa Mosque. My newest memoir coming soon 2020