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There’s no turning back.
I’ve sold everything.
I bought one-way tickets around the world with no return destination.
My friends think I’m crazy.
What if I don’t find what I’m looking for?
I’m not chasing love. Not exactly.
What if he’s not the one?

So grab a cappuccino or herbal tea if you prefer and join me at Café Confidential. I will share my adventures and secrets as I travel to France, India, Israel, Malaysia, and Turkey. Perhaps I can convince you that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.


“Y” all, I loved this more than I can say. It was raw, sassy, sexy, funny, and inspirational. What more could you want?” Liz Vrchota
“I finished (reading) this memoir 3 days ago…I can sincerely say it has not left my mind since completing it. I will start by saying that without any doubt this is not just my favorite book of 2020 but is absolutely one of my top 5 of all time.” KirscherSmiles
“I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It will stay with you long after you reach the final paragraph. It may even change your life.” H. Hackett
“5.0 out of 5 stars cannot recommend this highly enough
Is it ok to want to grow up to be Lynda Filler? To be able to just take the leap and live life. Really live. With mistakes and missteps and beauty and ashes… every piece makes us who we are. And Filler fills each page with such emotion and inspiration it left me breathlessly captivated. My thanks to this author for yet another amazing addition to my library. I cannot recommend this highly enough. This deserves far more than five stars.” Heather Lovelace


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LOVE The Beat Goes On



Winner Book of the Month RRBC 2017

5 Star Readers Favorite 2017

“the journey of a remarkable woman”

“Powerful and unforgettable”

“This is a book every human alive should read and take away the lessons given. If I could give it ten stars, I would. It’s that good.”J. Sikes


Lie To Me: an exposé on sex for money


Lie to Me Front

Lie to Me is insanely captivating, entertaining and exciting. It’s a spellbinding story that explores the psychology of sex in a way that defies Coelho’s Eleven Minutes.

Lynda Filler’s novel is character-driven, emotionally intense, and packed with action, a story that explores male psychology regarding sex and a woman’s quest to redefine her identity in a world of twisted morals, where men are driven by the quest for orgasm. 

The characters are exceptional, written with depth, and a lot of humanity is injected into them.

It’s the kind of book that entertains readers while forcing them to review their sense of reality. A must-read!”


bronze-shiny-web AWARD READERS FAV

       —–Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite   5 STARS.

TARGET in the SUN,  Carlos and Mia #1Target 3a

on July 15, 2016
Five Giant Stars! I read it one day! Could not put it down and loved this unique and brilliant approach to letting each character tell the story through their own narrative. Highly recommend it and I plan on reading more novels from this author. Thank you, Lynda Filler!
on September 30, 2016
“Target in the Sun” is a compelling story of an unlikely couple and how their fate influenced the fates of those around them. First of all, kudos to the author for telling this story from different perspectives, which allow the reader to better associate and sympathize with the characters, Carlos, Mia and Lucia.
The idea of telling each personal story in the form of journal entries and emails works really well in this sense, and I personally loved reading the “firsthand account” of Carlos growing up in a Mexican village with drug cartels, murders, corruption and poverty being a typical lifestyle. Certain aspects of Carlos’s experiences, such as loss of his parents at an early age, becoming a drug mule for his family and witnessing the appalling conditions in which children have to grow in this country, were difficult to read, but that’s because they’re so real and need to be talked about.
Also, what I really appreciated was that Carlos didn’t allow his soul to harden despite all, and remained a kind-hearted young man who only craved love and companionship, which he was lucky to find in Mia. I won’t give away the plot, but trust me, it’s a great and very important read.
on August 10, 2016
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Gripping and suspenseful, clever and sharp, Target in the Sun is a romance thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed the format, telling parts of the story through letters. I also enjoyed how smoothly it read, the type of book that sucks you in. Highly recommended.
By Book Buzz on August 18, 2016
I’ve got to say this book was really good. I really enjoyed it. Romance…and action. What I liked the most was the way it was written, with different perspectives. At first, I looked at the list of chapters and thought…wow…how many pages is this book! After reading it, the number of chapters made sense. Lynda did a great job with this novel. It’s not easy to pull of this writing style, but she does it effortlessly. Some books you read and think, yeah it’s similar to this or that and very predictable. Target in the sun isn’t your typical romance novel…it’s better.
I can’t recommend it enough.

VANISHED in the SUN, Carlos and Mia #2Vanished New

on March 15, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Vanished in the Sun is the sequel to Target in the Sun. It continues the life of Carlos, Mia, and Lucia. It also brings in more characters as well as finding out more about previous ones. I thought there was a lot more adventure in this book and it is very fast paced. I did struggle with some of the new characters and got a few mixed up but once again as soon as I worked them out it didn’t last long and didn’t spoil the book. From the middle to end is especially fast paced and didn’t realize I’d read so much in that time!! Another well done to this fantastic indie author for making a second book as good as the first one which is not an easy feat! xx
on February 16, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
This is the second in the Carlos and Mia books from Lynda Filler and I was thrilled to see she has expanded her style and plot arcs to bring us a much more fulfilling story in this second installment. The first book in this series was good, but the second is even better. Characters who played on small parts in the original have a much greater impact in the second book. I especially liked the development of Lucia and Sofia.
This is an exciting, fast-paced thriller set in today’s real Mexican Drug Wars and I can highly recommend this book to everyone. It is a great read.
on February 7, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
My heart was pounding throughout the whole book!




The world’s most elusive billionaire.
A brain trust that cannot be controlled.
A warrior and a patriot.
After the brutal murder of Luke Raven’s wife and seven-year-old daughter, Luke disappears for several months. When he returns, get ready for the non-stop action of Luke, Luci, Zach, RB, Maggs, and a cast of unforgettable characters who form the Raven Group. Discover the secretive life of billionaire Luke Raven, how he made his fortunes, and where his true loyalties lie.
The Code Raven Series is a page-turner, an action-packed adventure.
This is where it all began.

“The author’s style is reminiscent of CLIVE CUSSLER, LEE CHILDS or BALDACCI.” N. Huff

on July 29, 2018
Code Raven is the beginning of an amazing series by Lynda Filler. I have not read anything else by this writer but I know that this is one series that I will be reading – from the beginning to the end!
As the title says Code Raven is a prequel to the series, it is sort of an extended prologue that gives you the framework to put the rest of the series into! It introduces you to the main players, their motivation, their loss, and their drive … It gives you a taste of what is to come and I am so happy to know that I have the first story already downloaded on my reader!
It is an action-packed and mind-bending read that will not allow you to put the story down after you have started! Welcome into the world of Raven Group folks!
“Lynda Filler does a wonderful job setting up this story with this short novella. Not only do you learn what made Luke Raven the man he is today, you also meet a whole slew of interesting sub characters. From the beginning, Ms. Filler hooks the reader and takes you on a few twists and turns but leaves you wanting more. This book is a super-fast read but that’s okay because it will get you to the next book in the series just that quickly. From one avid reader to another. GET THIS BOOK!”
on July 28, 2018
Code Raven: Prequel by Lynda Filler
Five Stars
Code Raven is the prequel to the Code Raven series by Lynda Filler. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Filler and I have to say I can’t wait to dive into the rest of this series. This prequel is just enough to wet my appetite for this series. This book held my attention from beginning to end. There were action and intrigue at every turn. I love Luke Raven’s character and the team he is building. This is a little different genre than I’m used to reading, but I’m loving it.
“I am absolutely loving these books, Im wore out because I feel like I’m working as hard as they are to save the US. Luke Raven is got to be one of my favorite lead characters ever, and actually, I’m loving all of them. Im feeling a little bad for Zach and hope that something happens in the next book to make him smile a bit more.


This was fast paced and there were new characters brought in to the mix but the way they are brought in is just awesome. I just can’t believe how invested I am in this story and these people after 2 very short books. So much happens and in looking back I am totally impressed with how this author does this and makes me feel like I read a full novel when both so far have been under 100 pages.

I can not wait to dive into the next…”










SILK ROAD Code Raven 6



“Shoot Me (Lie to Me #2) by Lynda Filler was a fast pace, steamy, interesting, crazy read, with a surprise touch of action, that rounds out this original tale of love, lust, and the dark underbelly that this world has to offer.

Talk about a book that has it all. Shoot me, the second book to the Lie to Me series, was a different type of addition. The first book drags you to the depths of the back streets of male escorts, but ends on a note where you don’t know if the story will continue. This one picks up well after the fact, with our couple from the first, split. You’re left with a sense of aw before you’ve even started. So I do highly suggest reading that first book, even if this one, sort of reads like a standalone.” Amazon review

“The good, the bad, and the really hot and sexy!” Mel San



The wedding of DJ Turk and the daughter of the Minister of Defense is about to take place on a mega-yacht on the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Hours later the much-anticipated photos show corpses lined up along the dock and a bride covered in blood.

“The story The Istanbul Conspiracy (Code Raven Book 7) by Lynda Filler is a book that starts off with a bang and didn’t let me go until the final page. It takes you on a non-stop journey that will keep you guessing. I was on the edge of my seat.” L. Furuta