Yes, FREE to read!

Have you heard about Kindle Unlimited? If you're a reader you want to have a Kindle Unlimited Membership. For $9.99 per month you've got over a million titles to choose from. Currently, all my titles are free to read in Kindle Unlimited. If you love mystery/suspense/spies/female heroines & a genius billionaire, the Code Raven Series is … Continue reading Yes, FREE to read!

Captivating, entertaining, and exciting!

In case you missed this deal! Excerpts from Lie to Me an exposé on sex for money    only  $.99 cents KCD "Somewhere in this romantic little seaside town, a woman was preparing for an evening of pleasure. Nervous no doubt, maybe it was her first time. She showered and perfumed her body, trying to ignore … Continue reading Captivating, entertaining, and exciting!

“TAKE ACTION Even When You DOUBT Yourself!”

  When in doubt, take action. Meet Mel Robbins" Mel Robbins is a serial entrepreneur and one of the most booked motivational speakers in the world. She’s the CEO and co-founder of The Confidence Project, a media and digital learning company working with Fortune 500 brands. Mel is the creator and star of the Audible Original … Continue reading “TAKE ACTION Even When You DOUBT Yourself!”

To anyone who has ever loved someone from afar.

Book Review 5/5 Stars LOVE ON HOLD by Mia Miller A friend texted me one day and said: "You have to read this book!!" I did, I finished it in one sitting, laughing out loud, and connecting beyond time and space with this unique story. Yes. It resonated with me and more than likely will … Continue reading To anyone who has ever loved someone from afar.

The Convict and the Rose

The Convict and the Rose  On Amazon or through Jan's website at the bottom of the page. Imagine an existence behind bars in Leavenworth Prison, and turning your life around so that you are able to create art and a musical legacy. This is an extremely personal, beautiful, sometimes very sad and yet uplifting memoir … Continue reading The Convict and the Rose