Write about what you love to read but that doesn't mean you have to LIVE there! Life imitates Art. In 2019 I sold everything I owned and began a journey to visit places I'd read and written about. I started in the city known around the world as the place they assassinated John F. Kennedy. Who could forget … Continue reading WHAT’S IT LIKE TO LIVE IN A WAR ZONE?

Damn, I LOVE Coelho

HIPPIE She was still capable of love, without expecting anything--changes, gratitude--in return. And she had loved many times in her life. Whenever this had happened, love's energy transformed the universe around her. Whenever this energy appears, it always manages to do its work--but things were different with her, she couldn't stand to love for long. … Continue reading Damn, I LOVE Coelho

What can older women say to younger women to help them mature faster?

Thanks Pixabay! I can keep it simple or make it complicated. Let’s assume that so many have answered this question already so I will keep it short and sweet. LEARN to love you, yourself, first. Get rid of your stupid insecurities and focus on your amazing inner beauty. Don’ t let any guy/girl take away … Continue reading What can older women say to younger women to help them mature faster?

New Pre-order $.99 cents! Crazy, I know!

  A former Navy SEAL gets a terrifying message from his estranged daughter in Washington, DC. “I’m desperate! I need your help, Dad. Bring your friends!” A teenager is forcefully taken in Kyrgyzstan. Has she become one of many kidnapped brides? Or is something far more frightening going on? The corrupt authorities ignore the parents’ … Continue reading New Pre-order $.99 cents! Crazy, I know!

Everything you love about Amazon. For your business.

In case you missed this:   What is Amazon Business?   Amazon Business is changing the way companies buy supplies. For most small businesses, buying supplies can be time-consuming and frustrating. Finding the best product at the best price with the most convenient payment terms can be a challenge, especially when they have other tasks … Continue reading Everything you love about Amazon. For your business.

Unlock your passion

I LOVE every word out of this man's mouth. If you haven't met Jay Shetty, now is your opportunity. Most entrepreneurs talk about their ten rules of success. What I love about Jay's message is how he blends the HEAD the HEART and the HAND. It's not just about the intellectual obvious things of success, but … Continue reading Unlock your passion

“TAKE ACTION Even When You DOUBT Yourself!”

  When in doubt, take action. Meet Mel Robbins" Mel Robbins is a serial entrepreneur and one of the most booked motivational speakers in the world. She’s the CEO and co-founder of The Confidence Project, a media and digital learning company working with Fortune 500 brands. Mel is the creator and star of the Audible Original … Continue reading “TAKE ACTION Even When You DOUBT Yourself!”

Run Off

  Run Off the skies open up screamed in anger poured down hurt Mother Nature’s broken home hurling, swirling, raging promising revenge silver swords striking palm trees split no longer swaying rivers running mad overflowing emotion depression. insanity. incomprehension. exhaustion. tears abate flooded roads all lead back to you   © Run Off, I (Spy) … Continue reading Run Off

Simply Beautiful

Is it the Pacific NorthWest or the Pacific Southernmost point of Canada? Either way, it's simply beautiful!   Vancouver Island Vancouver Island Wallace Island Wallace Island Vancouver Island 2018 © Lynda Filler Photographer Feel free to share!   More about the Pacific N.W. Whistler, Pemberton Ice Fields and all around the world in JET-Exposed novella 1 … Continue reading Simply Beautiful