Death…can I visit you there?

  I Spy Heaven My dear friend Kristaline sent this note to me after a lover/friend died suddenly in 2011. I included it on the last page of my poetry book I (Spy) Love.   by Kristaline Shannon It’s so awful when someone is afraid and so awesome when you can ease that fear. Your faith … Continue reading Death…can I visit you there?

My love affair with…

When angels talk August 6, 2008, by Paulo Coelho By Paulo Coelho When angels talk Nobody is courageous all the time. The unknown is a constant challenge, and being afraid is part of the journey. What to do? Talk to yourself. Talk alone. Talk to yourself even if others think you have gone crazy. As … Continue reading My love affair with…

Past lives? Angels? You decide.

    I usually don’t do first-person on my blog but when people come into your life and guide you towards a profound shift, I think it might help others. So here goes. I’ve been suffering from chronic sinus challenges for decades. I had a minor operation which seemed to help—years ago. But certainly, for … Continue reading Past lives? Angels? You decide.

“Meet me at the door naked.”

  I'm not the first person to be told I'm dying, or to get my affairs in order, or at most I have six months to live. But there's something about my story that is resonating with readers. And one person tells another, and another, and buys a book for a friend or a family … Continue reading “Meet me at the door naked.”