Here’s how I’m dealing with Covid-19

How about you? Can I ask if this is a safe place to open up? Since I can’t hear your response, I will imagine you nodding “yes.” First, I’m a foreigner living in a Middle Eastern country. That’s curious enough and a surprise to me as well as it is to anyone who knows me. … Continue reading Here’s how I’m dealing with Covid-19

Welcome #RWISA Author Laurie Finkelstein

Bulletproof Vest By Laurie Finkelstein The bulk, padding, and steel plates weigh me down. The protection of a bulletproof vest is necessary. No matter the weather, I wear the cloak. The weight is a burden, but I trek on because wrapped is the only way to navigate my journey. The jacket protects my heart from … Continue reading Welcome #RWISA Author Laurie Finkelstein