Marketing on FB? A must read!

via 5 Facebook Tips To Help With Your Book Marketing  by Nicholas C. Rossis Tip #1: Images Posted Via Instagram Receive More Engagement Tip #2: Posts With Hashtags Receive Less Engagement Tip #3: Save Links For Later Tip #4: Almost Half Of Facebook’s Users Are Mobile Only Tip #5: Facebook’s Audience Is Growing Up In … Continue reading Marketing on FB? A must read!

What would you do?

    1. What is your idea of success? Sometimes your failure--for trying--is better than someone else's success in staying where he/she is. There's nothing sadder than hearing an older person say: "I wish I had..." "I should have tried..." "I always wanted to..." "Why didn't I... when I had the opportunity?" 2. It's okay … Continue reading What would you do?

You “Reach” Me

Do you have authors that you love? You're so obsessed with their work that you'll read anything they write? These authors are my Saturday-night-dates and my all-nighters. And they are the only guys occupying my bed these days--by choice! #1 is Lee Child #2 Daniel Silva #3 David Baldacci #4, Russell Blake. I could go … Continue reading You “Reach” Me

Why is Harry Potter by JKRowlings so successful?

How do you plot? Or do you? When I wrote my first novella, JET-Exposed fanfiction for Russell Blake's JET  series I followed his direction and plotted. I use an Excel spread sheet and then refer back for each subsequent JET story when plotting the next. I discovered this screenshot of JK Rowling's method amongst over … Continue reading Why is Harry Potter by JKRowlings so successful?

20 Writing Tips from Fiction Authors

  Writing success boils down to hard work, imagination and passion—and then some more hard work. iUniverse Publishing fires up your creative spirit with 20 writing tips from 12 bestselling fiction authors. Use these tips as an inspirational guide—or better yet, print a copy to put on your desk, home office, refrigerator door, or somewhere … Continue reading 20 Writing Tips from Fiction Authors