Over 15 Daesh terror suspects apprehended in Istanbul

You must think I'm crazy. Maybe you're right. Some authors will do anything for authenticity. I'm not one of them! However, I do believe in destiny. In 2019 I sold everything I owned in Mexico and bought a series of one-way airline tickets with no return destination. I'm not sure how I became so brave … Continue reading Over 15 Daesh terror suspects apprehended in Istanbul

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LIE TO ME: an exposé on sex for money "This book is a super high recommendation from me. It's like nothing you have read before. Take my word that you will be captivated but this truly rare read." E. Walsh Lie to Me: An Exposé on Sex for Money "is insanely captivating, entertaining and exciting. … Continue reading FREE Award-Winning novel! Download here.

What you may not know about Paulo Coelho

If you’re having a hard time with your sense of direction, metaphorically, these Paulo Coelho Quotes can help you understand that perseverance, diligence, and faith in yourself are keys to getting what you want. I love this piece from Paulo Coelho's website: Link is on the bottom for the full posting. Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho was born … Continue reading What you may not know about Paulo Coelho

10 Successful Writers Secrets

Read, read, read. I love my iPad for reading. I know, lots of my friends want to touch and feel the paper. But I love my iPad, #2 will tell you why.When you read your favorite authors, as a writer, on an iPad you can highlight. Remember when you were in school? For some of … Continue reading 10 Successful Writers Secrets

Make something every day.

Seth Godin sent me to my blog! So here I am! Pick up your copy from best-selling author Seth Godin  "My work is to figure out how to share emotions and stories with people to turn lights on for them. And the part of it that scares me is wasting the privilege, wasting the leverage, … Continue reading Make something every day.