An Assassination and a Funeral

In the fall of 1995, Nov. 4th, to be exact, the Prime Minister of Israel was assassinated. I remember driving the Sea-to-Sky highway from Whistler British Columbia to Vancouver Airport. I was going to a funeral. The year before, 1994, I went bankrupt. I lost my manufacturing business in Montreal and my home. My husband … Continue reading An Assassination and a Funeral

I miss you…

March is a month of nostalgia for me. It's the birth month of my Mom. She said when her birthday came around she was foreshadowed by mine, two weeks earlier. Don't you think it's strange the things we remember? I recently applied to Ontario, Canada for an original birth certificate. I never had one. I … Continue reading I miss you…

Welcome #RWISA Author Beem Weeks

Wordless   “What’s that word say?” “That’s an easy one, Daddy. Just sound it out.” Levi Bacchus can’t read. 36 years old, and he’d never learned the meaning of a single sentence. “I just ain’t cut out for this, Jamie Lynn.” The girl’s countenance dropped in disagreement—just like her mother, that one. “So, you’re a … Continue reading Welcome #RWISA Author Beem Weeks

The Poetry Collection by Lynda Filler

THE LOVE FIX    LOVE REHAB     I (SPY) LOVE       THE LOVE FIX ,  LOVE REHAB and  I (SPY) LOVE write of the essence of life, our yearning for connection with the one and the One. … Continue reading The Poetry Collection by Lynda Filler