Kick Start Creativity

Do you lead a creative life? It’s 12:30 noon on Sunday the 6th of October in Istanbul, Turkey where I’m currently living. It’s almost 3 pm in New Delhi, 4:30 in Puerto Vallarta, and 11:30 am in Paris where my son lives! I refer to the world clock often on my phone. It’s a way … Continue reading Kick Start Creativity

What are your 10 commandments for creative people?

2. 3. ABC Always Be Creating. Creativity is the way I give back to the world.Share. Too many ‘creators’ never think they are good enough. You are good enough! Share with the world!Be imperfect !!Look at things upside down and inside out. See your world from a different perspective. Back to #3Embrace your imperfections. Make … Continue reading What are your 10 commandments for creative people?

If not now, when?

  Rick Peterson suggests that practicing mindfulness in the way we approach tasks can not only help organize thoughts but reduce stress as well. Here are some mindful tips to try out when looking to get your passion project off the ground: Write it down. Carve out a set amount of time each day to … Continue reading If not now, when?