Free LOVE is always good, right?

I can't believe is it's twelve years since I was given 6 months to live! So much has happened in my life, and every day I'm grateful for the extra time I've been given to live, love, travel, and write. In the spirit of gratitude here are some highlights. I lived to see my darling … Continue reading Free LOVE is always good, right?

How Can 63,000 people disappear?

The NYT recently featured an article on the Mexican drug wars. The statistics are startling. Until a year ago, the official number was 40,000 but with the change of regime last year, the true stats are being released. The official tally is now 61,637 people who have disappeared since 1964, Ms. Quintana said, the vast … Continue reading How Can 63,000 people disappear?

Free from Me! A celebration.

If you occasionally drop by my Instagram account you will see photos that make you smile, giggle, downright laugh-out-loud, and shake your head. You might 'ooh' and 'ah' and wonder how my mind works! You see, I'm in love with creativity. I have a passion for fashion, design, street-art, people, faces, places, night time, day … Continue reading Free from Me! A celebration.

Make something every day.

Seth Godin sent me to my blog! So here I am! Pick up your copy from best-selling author Seth Godin  "My work is to figure out how to share emotions and stories with people to turn lights on for them. And the part of it that scares me is wasting the privilege, wasting the leverage, … Continue reading Make something every day.

Action/mystery FREE download!

Welcome to my tribe! I have so many new followers on social networks that I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you and tell you how grateful I am to have you taking time to drop by. As you already know, I'm an author. And also a poet, memoirist, freelance writer and photographer. If … Continue reading Action/mystery FREE download!

Black Ops. Should we be worried?

Here's what the public is allowed to know: The NSA, a Defense Department agency created in 1952, falls under the category of a "black" program in the federal budget, a term applied to classified efforts. It's assumed the annual budget is somewhere around 10 US billion dollars. (others say it could be closer to 30 … Continue reading Black Ops. Should we be worried?

Ashes … a poem Free LOVE REHAB

    LOVE REHAB   FREE  FEB. 9-13 Ashes reflections captured love bleeding back mirrors mock our memories silent tears form a track   yesterday's window time stands no longer still love was all that mattered rescued, against your cautious will sage smoke circles silver photos edges curl half-finished love laments smoldering pages swirl broken … Continue reading Ashes … a poem Free LOVE REHAB

#Instafreebie! Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Books, Previews Take advantage and enjoy! And while you're there get a Preview of TARGET in the SUN! TARGET IN THE SUN' a moving, high anxiety romance thriller, takes place on a perilous journey through the explosive dark underworld of organized drug trafficking and the complex, destructive human perils of use, abuse and the carnage it … Continue reading #Instafreebie! Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Books, Previews