Keep on going

Whatever your dreams and goals, keep on going. When I started my author business in the summer of 2015, I had no idea it would grow to 14 publications in 4 genres, Poetry, Action Novellas, Contemporary Fiction, and Memoir. I have at least six more books occupying space in my mind and my heart. How will … Continue reading Keep on going

What sets you apart?

Angelia Jolie's Profound Advice For Her 3 Daughters Belongs on Every Billboard As I cruise into another year, another birthday coming March 18, I often think about the legacy I will leave for younger women. When I come across something that resonates and hopefully will be meaningful to all of you, I #love to share. … Continue reading What sets you apart?

This Mindset Will Sabotage Your Health. Here’s What To Do Instead.

Thanks, this is amazing and what I needed to hear today. Check out her health blog --reprinted from Michelle Robin, D.C.    It’s time you make some changes in your life. It’s time to kick it up a notch. It’s time to do that thing, meet that goal, or reach that desired outcome. But you’ve tried … Continue reading This Mindset Will Sabotage Your Health. Here’s What To Do Instead.

Be Willing to DO IT AFRAID!

    YOUR JOB IS TO Trust your intuition, your gut, your heart. Lets’ take that chance… on …. following our passion! We must ignore the chatter in our head, the doubt, worry, judgment, and fear. Your intuition is pushing you forward, dance, sing, follow your passion even while your chatter says, what if I … Continue reading Be Willing to DO IT AFRAID!