Over 15 Daesh terror suspects apprehended in Istanbul

You must think I'm crazy. Maybe you're right. Some authors will do anything for authenticity. I'm not one of them! However, I do believe in destiny. In 2019 I sold everything I owned in Mexico and bought a series of one-way airline tickets with no return destination. I'm not sure how I became so brave … Continue reading Over 15 Daesh terror suspects apprehended in Istanbul

Kick Start Creativity

Do you lead a creative life? It’s 12:30 noon on Sunday the 6th of October in Istanbul, Turkey where I’m currently living. It’s almost 3 pm in New Delhi, 4:30 in Puerto Vallarta, and 11:30 am in Paris where my son lives! I refer to the world clock often on my phone. It’s a way … Continue reading Kick Start Creativity

I admit it…

It' been awhile. Have you wondered what happened to me? I'm unpredictable, enigmatic, and always evolving. If any of my past relationships (men) are reading my blog, you can stop smiling now! I write sporadically, sometimes about topics that make you smile, shake your head, and check the post, wondering if I wrote it at … Continue reading I admit it…

Why travel?

India I'm embarking on a journey-of-a-lifetime. In the next 48 hours, I will book my destinations! So many people have asked me why I'm going. Why now? I've sold all my possessions, and yes, I'm taking my photos, and small family heirlooms. So my blogs/vlogging/books/photography will take a different spin over the next six months. … Continue reading Why travel?