What was your biggest culture shock going to Turkey?

I LOVE this question! But I can’t answer with only one thing! I’ve been on a long journey that started the beginning of February 2019 and spanned many countries and cities: Dallas, Tx. Paris, Fr. New Delhi, Agra, & Goa, India, (Istanbul, Turkey for 2 nights) Jerusalem and Tel Avi, Israel, and finally Bangkok, Krabi, … Continue reading What was your biggest culture shock going to Turkey?

Wow! Powerful!

  reblogged from NL Skye Warren Author. http://www.skyewarren.com/newsletter/ Check her website out and subscribe to her wisdom! For women The world tells us to be quiet from a very early age. When the literature we read in school is written by men, and bookstores are dominated by books written by men, and laws are made … Continue reading Wow! Powerful!

#10 Have Passion!

I particularly love the way he talks about writing. If you have a thought, write it down. Anyone can write. Anyone can communicate a thought--even if you are the only person that reads it... Sometimes...I am the only person that reads what I write, it's too raw, too personal to share.  This is Henry Rollins … Continue reading #10 Have Passion!