Can you show us a window to your love?

  Oh my. This question gave me shivers.                                                 (on Quora) There’s a guru on YouTube named Evan Carmichael. He wrote a book called “One Word.” He states that everyone should define … Continue reading Can you show us a window to your love?


I want to share this with you. I received an invite to listen to a Podcast, an interview with Anne Lamott. If you're unfamiliar with her work, she's predominantly and non-fiction author of the most memorable Bird By Bird, a must read if you have ever thought of writing a book or doing anything creative … Continue reading ALMOST EVERYTHING by Anne Lamott

What aspect of your life are you the most unwilling to compromise today?

I would love to know your answer to this question. What aspect of your life are you most unwilling to compromise today? Many of you know I'm a Quora writer. Every once in a while I stop in to answer questions. I thought you might enjoy my answer to the above question. It's a glimpse … Continue reading What aspect of your life are you the most unwilling to compromise today?

I should be dead!

  Love The Beat Goes On Will I die from a broken heart? I know I've caught your attention with my double entendre. But that's why I wrote it. What would you do if your doctor gave you six months to live? I've heard many answers to this question. Some say, get a second opinion. … Continue reading I should be dead!

Do it now…Paulo Coelho

  March--my month of introspection... I've always tried to live my life as if each day, each moment would be the last one. It's not as easy as it sounds. After the publication of my memoir on healing LOVE The Beat Goes On, I received a particularly hurtful attack on my person. The title of … Continue reading Do it now…Paulo Coelho

I miss you…

March is a month of nostalgia for me. It's the birth month of my Mom. She said when her birthday came around she was foreshadowed by mine, two weeks earlier. Don't you think it's strange the things we remember? I recently applied to Ontario, Canada for an original birth certificate. I never had one. I … Continue reading I miss you…

Run Off

  © Lynda Filler Photography 2017     Run Off     the skies open up screamed in anger poured down hurt   Mother Natures broken home hurling, swirling, raging promising revenge   silver swords striking palm trees split no longer swaying   rivers running mad overflowing emotion depression. insanity. incomprehension. exhaustion.   tears abate … Continue reading Run Off

Death Sentence

Six months death sentence. In 2008 I was told my heart condition was not responding to medication and to get my affairs in order. I've never been known to back down from a challenge so I fought back. And I'm still here baby!! This is what other's are saying about my story published on Amazon. … Continue reading Death Sentence

A woman of privilege and passion…

    I drive people crazy!! My exes, my kids, and my staff—when I held down a corporate job! I believe people are innately good. I’m the eternal optimist! I want the best for my friends, my family and—if you can believe this—my ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands. Yes, of course, a woman with such a flaw … Continue reading A woman of privilege and passion…