If you think only men pay for sex, you’re wrong!

$.99 CENTS on Amazon! Take a walk on the wild side while Layla explores the sensual and sexy side of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. "Lie to Me is insanely captivating, entertaining and exciting. It's a spellbinding story that explores the psychology of sex in a way that defies Coelho’s Eleven Minutes." R. Dzemo 5 Stars Readers … Continue reading If you think only men pay for sex, you’re wrong!

This 10-Minute Routine Will Increase Your Memory And Creativity

reposted from:  Benjamin P. Hardy Hop on over and subscribe! “When you train your creativity, you automatically train your memory. When you train your memory, you automatically train your creative thinking skills!” — Tony Buzan Memory and imagination are inextricably connected. In fact, your memory is imagined. It’s not concrete nor objective fact. But rather, your … Continue reading This 10-Minute Routine Will Increase Your Memory And Creativity

“TAKE ACTION Even When You DOUBT Yourself!”

  When in doubt, take action. Meet Mel Robbins" Mel Robbins is a serial entrepreneur and one of the most booked motivational speakers in the world. She’s the CEO and co-founder of The Confidence Project, a media and digital learning company working with Fortune 500 brands. Mel is the creator and star of the Audible Original … Continue reading “TAKE ACTION Even When You DOUBT Yourself!”

#TimeDebt Linda Sivertsen

  For all of us who never seem to have enough time, I thought I'd share my friend Linda's talk on TEDWomen. She makes some extremely valid points for all of us. Time is becoming more and more precious. I know you will enjoy this and find a whole different way to look at how … Continue reading #TimeDebt Linda Sivertsen

Ashes … a poem Free LOVE REHAB

    LOVE REHAB   FREE  FEB. 9-13 Ashes reflections captured love bleeding back mirrors mock our memories silent tears form a track   yesterday's window time stands no longer still love was all that mattered rescued, against your cautious will sage smoke circles silver photos edges curl half-finished love laments smoldering pages swirl broken … Continue reading Ashes … a poem Free LOVE REHAB

Coelho…The Soul, Our Dreams

    I know, I obsess. But more from Manuscript Found in Accra, Paolo Coelho   "Our soul is governed by four invisible forces: love, death, power, and time. When you are going through difficult times, remember: you might have lost some major battles, but you survived and you're still here. That is a victory. … Continue reading Coelho…The Soul, Our Dreams

She likes what??

I love reading about people and other authors (notice I separate people and authors). Check out Mae Clair's blog and her interesting facts about herself! "I wrote my first childish “masterpiece” at six and was immediately bitten by the writing bug. Since then, I’ve been composing nonstop, and have dabbled in multiple genres over the … Continue reading She likes what??

Be Driven by Passion

  images may be subject to ©   Love this: Evan Carmichaels Top Ten Rules for Success DEMI LOVATO "If you're looking for ways to find your path, focus, and keep going, this video--and list--is for you. Lessons to be celebrated from a woman who speaks openly about being bullied so badly growing up that … Continue reading Be Driven by Passion


  Could you fall in love with someone who's Bisexual? I present to you the magnificent sexy hot and bi Willy Cartier. I've decided I have a new Muse. I find sexy people an inspiration to my writing process. Maybe they help me find my voice...you know, the one deep inside that you're unsure you really … Continue reading Musing…