as Coelho would say… imperfections

  © Lynda Filler Photography 2018 "A sunset (or sunrise) is always more beautiful when it is covered with irregularly shaped clouds, because only then can it reflect the many colors out of which dreams and poetry are made." Coelho on Beauty Coelho says beauty exists not in sameness. So why do we seek perfection in … Continue reading as Coelho would say… imperfections

I’m in love…Coelho

A review or a reviewer's musings? You decide... Sometimes a story/book/novel seizes your heart and refuses to let go. Such is my love affair with this book, Manuscript Found in Accra. Let me share a few of the highlights from the book. I imagine when I allow myself to finish, I will have underlined at … Continue reading I’m in love…Coelho

If you build it they will not come!

  I enjoyed an interview with Ryan Holiday today.  He talked about the creative process. We all love to create, but the marketing, not so much. Just because "you built it" doesn't mean "they will come." His take is: Making the Work is 50% Marketing the work is 50%--Two separate marathons.  When we choose the … Continue reading If you build it they will not come!

Run Off

  © Lynda Filler Photography 2017     Run Off     the skies open up screamed in anger poured down hurt   Mother Natures broken home hurling, swirling, raging promising revenge   silver swords striking palm trees split no longer swaying   rivers running mad overflowing emotion depression. insanity. incomprehension. exhaustion.   tears abate … Continue reading Run Off

Death Sentence

Six months death sentence. In 2008 I was told my heart condition was not responding to medication and to get my affairs in order. I've never been known to back down from a challenge so I fought back. And I'm still here baby!! This is what other's are saying about my story published on Amazon. … Continue reading Death Sentence