I admit it…

It' been awhile. Have you wondered what happened to me? I'm unpredictable, enigmatic, and always evolving. If any of my past relationships (men) are reading my blog, you can stop smiling now! I write sporadically, sometimes about topics that make you smile, shake your head, and check the post, wondering if I wrote it at … Continue reading I admit it…

Wow! Thank you​!

    I love seeing the Code Raven series at #1 XPOSED in Amazon FREE International Mystery and Crime. And it's all thanks to you! XPOSED  After seizing hundreds of million dollars from an illegal arms-for-drugs deal between a rogue CIA faction, and a South American cartel, Luci retires from clandestine operations and hides out … Continue reading Wow! Thank you​!

Paris! Waiting for you, a photo blog​ ❤️

Yummy!   World Cup Week!   Wine Cave, you would love it here!   People watching on the Subway   Storms coming   Write with me!   Hanging with Félix   ❤️ We share our cookies! Waiting for you!   "Barbara was born here. The most beautiful love story."  ❤️ One day they will say that about us. … Continue reading Paris! Waiting for you, a photo blog​ ❤️

Right? Wrong? I’m Proud of You! Q

    What has your child done that was technically "wrong" but you were proud of him for doing it?  Quora  We were at a birthday party for 2 yr old boys at MacDonalds. The room was filled with Type A parents, successful lawyers, accountants, teachers.. and their offspring. The birthday boy was far across … Continue reading Right? Wrong? I’m Proud of You! Q

What 10 things do you wish were invented to make your life better? Q.

  I would love to be programmed to be multi-lingual. One day I will walk down the streets of Paris and stop to speak to someone. I will understand everything they say and will be able to respond in their own language. That goes for French, Spanish. Hebrew, Arabic, etc. I want them all installed … Continue reading What 10 things do you wish were invented to make your life better? Q.

JET-Displaced Rocks!

  "Another great thriller in Lynda Filler's additions to the Jet series." E Finn "A story filled with action, danger, and heart-wrenching consequences. Definitely recommended. Well done!" Sabrina Jean "Their story will bring tears to your eyes and leave an everlasting impression on your heart. People can be so good. I hope to see Jet/Maya … Continue reading JET-Displaced Rocks!

From Paris With Love…

Yes, I love the Parisian Architecture Full Moon night walk Yes, it's a tree! JET-Displaced After the violent elimination of a sinister group intent on a cyber theft of 50 billion dollars in JET-ULTIMATUM, the ex-Mossad assassin JET and her four-year-old daughter Hannah hide out in an idyllic Raven Group safe house in a remote … Continue reading From Paris With Love…