Sex Toys and Videotape

© Lynda Filler Photography   Sex Toys and Videotape she stood before her mirror anointing and appointing black lace silky sexy hose satin ropes silver hand cuffs and a very long, very fat toy   a boy’s toy for a man’s game   would it please him would it seize him embrace his imagination inflame … Continue reading Sex Toys and Videotape

#NationalPoetry Day-Addictions

    Addictions   I am addicted to love I search for it in all the wrong places if I had to make a list of ‘lovers’ (not a great word for the fumbling-intense-passionate groping with oftentimes complete strangers) my list would be i n c o m p l e t e forgotten names … Continue reading #NationalPoetry Day-Addictions

What Did You Do That Changed Your Life the Most?

  Who is Author Lynda Filler? I fell in love with a Mexican man who was way younger than me, like over twenty years younger! I gave up my luxurious lifestyle, and high-powered position in Canada, and moved to Mexico to be with him. It was 2002 and without a doubt one of the best … Continue reading What Did You Do That Changed Your Life the Most?

# 1 I’ll Take That Anytime LOVE The Beat Goes On  Kindle and Paperback. "amazing, inspiring, and thought provoking about more than just illness. Anyone facing a major obstacle, a fork in the road, or looking to reinvent their lives would benefit from a journey through Lynda's heart and soul story." "I finished your book and loved it. It was … Continue reading # 1 I’ll Take That Anytime

The Poetry Collection by Lynda Filler

THE LOVE FIX    LOVE REHAB     I (SPY) LOVE       THE LOVE FIX ,  LOVE REHAB and  I (SPY) LOVE write of the essence of life, our yearning for connection with the one and the One. … Continue reading The Poetry Collection by Lynda Filler