“and the greatest of these is love”

  © Hearts, Sedona AZ   Lynda Filler Photography   “and the greatest of these is love”   with time we have become in/ti/mate the lovers’ quarrels necessary steps faux pas mis/take/s misread intentions unspoken love too shy to reveal all   we learned we cannot read each other’s minds   all the while fearful … Continue reading “and the greatest of these is love”

Follow Your Bliss

© Lynda Filler Photography    Porto, Portugal   Follow Your Bliss   flaming amber mane flying over banisters, ledges, stairs you climb in your haste to kiss me   I smile eager for a nuzzle books lined up in doorways “this shop is mine!” I cry “you can’t fly, you silly ninny!” I giggle as … Continue reading Follow Your Bliss


  © Lynda Filler Photography   Longing   the wind a delicate caress kissed her skin she closed her eyes sighed overwhelmed with longing and heard a swallow sing his purpose clear two golden butterflies danced like lovers unaware a storm’s brewing she mused soon nature’s drops will mingle with her tears   © The … Continue reading Longing