The Vow

The Vow

© Lynda Filler, Real Love 2018


you read my sad, accept my lows

you take me high, make me slow

my mind

and time, our time stands still


can you imagine how high we can go

or will it die all that we know we are

before we begin 


it happens once 

sometimes never, for some

and when it does

let it be

let it flow

take the beauty, take the love, the passion

let it fortify

a journey, sometimes sad

fraught with turmoil


take the love

it’s meant for you

it’s all I have

it’s all I am

all I want to be

one, when I’m with you


place your head upon my lap

let me love you

let me take away your worries, allow me in

there is no wrong, no shame, no blame

love is all there is


across time and space

we’ve got the gift the world is waiting for

embrace the moments, take the high

let it fill your heart


and in your dark hours 

when you are alone

fighting for a world

that disappoints and hurts your heart

remember me

wherever I am, remember my love

the gift you gave me

the time we allowed our love to thrive, alive

beyond age and time

beyond reason and sanity

we basked in its joy and purity

and we loved each other

until time

until infinity


and if you need to leave me

I will let you go


© The Vow, Real Love 2018

Sex Toys and Videotape


© Lynda Filler Photography


Sex Toys and Videotape

she stood before her mirror

anointing and appointing

black lace

silky sexy hose

satin ropes

silver hand cuffs

and a very long, very fat



a boy’s toy for a man’s game


would it please him

would it seize him

embrace his imagination

inflame his passion


a camcorder rests impatiently on the bed


© Sex Toys and Videotape, The Love Fix


Damn Man

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.07.52 PM


envy dripped from lipsticked lips

pencil sharp her botoxed brows

with piercing eyes

she assessed her prey

and screeched

“She’s such a cow!”



her girlfriends huddled by her side

held back her anorexic arms

stiletto heels




a bomb they attempted

to disarm


“he’s not worth it!”

they shouted in her ear

Dj Tiesto rocked the floor

“it’s not the first time he’s cheated on you,

show the bum the door!”



a tear escaped

from kohl-rimmed eyes

she muttered



“her boobs are fake

and so’s her tan

why can’t she find

her own damn man!”


© Damn Man, The Love Fix