Meet #RWISA Author D. L. Finn

    EXPANSION Flowing out before me – while approaching - In the sweeping motion of a grand gesture Presenting its soulful sweetness. Behind me is a small desert I’ve crossed - shoeless While carefully stepping over the littered offerings. Salt saturates my senses As the gentle-wind styles my hair, With the latest sea breeze … Continue reading Meet #RWISA Author D. L. Finn

Welcome #RWISA Author Marcha Fox

  Your Wildest Dreams I inhaled sharply when I recognized the introductory riff wafting from my favorite 80s station as Your Wildest Dreams by the Moody Blues. Even though I had the original 45 RPM record, the album on cassette tape, and more recently, the CD, I kept them safely locked away so I wouldn't … Continue reading Welcome #RWISA Author Marcha Fox

Welcome #RWISA Author Harmony Kent

  Live or Die?   Harmony Kent   Sometimes, you need to accept help. Sometimes, you need to admit that you need it. Sometimes, you need to take the hand that’s offered. You reached out and took my arm. I let you. I took the assistance I needed. I gripped your hand so that you … Continue reading Welcome #RWISA Author Harmony Kent

Welcome #RWISA Author Rhani D’Chae

  The characters in the following story are from my novel, Shadow of the Drill. After a moderately grueling assignment, they take a day off to enjoy a Sunday barbecue. A Break in the Battle Charlene squealed, leaning to the side to avoid an airborne hot dog. She need not have worried, for the meaty … Continue reading Welcome #RWISA Author Rhani D’Chae

Welcome #RWISA Author Nonnie Jules

    “From one of her upcoming releases, Nonnie Jules presents...PRISON WIVES.”   PRISON WIVES   I am an unlikely character to tell these stories, but, I do know that each day that we are blessed to open our eyes, we never know what surprises, good or bad, that day will bring. No matter how … Continue reading Welcome #RWISA Author Nonnie Jules