What Did You Do That Changed Your Life the Most?

  Who is Author Lynda Filler? I fell in love with a Mexican man who was way younger than me, like over twenty years younger! I gave up my luxurious lifestyle, and high-powered position in Canada, and moved to Mexico to be with him. It was 2002 and without a doubt one of the best … Continue reading What Did You Do That Changed Your Life the Most?


  Author Lynda Filler delivers yet another exceptional romance thriller with ‘VANISHED in the SUN’, an edgy nail biter novel set in the sultry, sexy coastal Mexico play land of Puerto Vallarta. Lovers Mia and Carlos have found peaceful and loving sanctuary in a remote and distant, undisclosed location through the witness protection program. With … Continue reading FREE on AMAZON!!

Super Sexy!! Wow!

Femme Fatale I LOVE Dominic Piper's books. To say I'm addicted would be an understatement. His use of language is sexy, sensual and provocative. His words weave a story that will leave you breathless. He takes Daniel Beckett, a P.I. in the hard broiled style of times past and gives him an edgy modern style. … Continue reading Super Sexy!! Wow!

What Do The Readers Say? #Free #Poetry #Kindle

  Feelings for Lynda’s musings: "What I love about your writing is how much I can read on the surface and how much color lays between the lines. Your words continue to be my shining star. Never ceasing to amaze, you bring me into the heart and soul of your Muse. Simply wonderful, Lynda.” Don … Continue reading What Do The Readers Say? #Free #Poetry #Kindle


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The Poetry Collection by Lynda Filler

THE LOVE FIX             http://goo.gl/XOtXaV LOVE REHAB              http://goo.gl/A8yh0t I (SPY) LOVE              https://goo.gl/myEgt6   THE LOVE FIX ,  LOVE REHAB and  I (SPY) LOVE write of the essence of life, our yearning for connection with the one and the One. … Continue reading The Poetry Collection by Lynda Filler