I am who I am looking for…

I am who I have been looking for…

We are all searching for something. And maybe this message is it.

I want to give you something of who I am and how I see the world. I hope this video will make you smile. 

I’m counting down the days to my voyage of discovery. I visualized this journey for years. And now that I’ve made the decision to travel for a few months, I admit it, I’m nervous yet so very, very excited.

Still, let me not forget that no matter where I go and what I do, I take myself with me“I am the one I’ve been looking for, and I am already enough.”

I’ve spent an hour listening to this video over and over again. This is my gift to you. I hope you love the message and that it’s exactly what you need to hear today.

I am enough.

Follow Your Bliss


© Lynda Filler Photography    Porto, Portugal


Follow Your Bliss


flaming amber mane

flying over banisters, ledges,

stairs you climb in your haste to kiss me


I smile

eager for a nuzzle

books lined up in doorways

“this shop is mine!” I cry

“you can’t fly, you silly ninny!”

I giggle as your chocolate eyes look solemnly into mine


I stroke your horse’s head

you shake your body, stand your ground and neigh


only in my dreams

do I make books,

and passionate horses fly


but why, dear girl,

do you deny flight light?

surely you must know

limitations exist

only in the confines of your mind


© Lynda Filler


The Little Pieces



© Lynda Filler Photography



I love you

with all those little pieces

the ones left lying on the floor like garbage

discarded chunks

of bleeding broken heart


I tried to fix them

used Crazy Glue

thought crazy would work


because I must have been crazy

to have fallen for your smooth moves

and slick lines

and empty words

and unfilled promises


it doesn’t matter

whether you played

with me

or against me

or hurt me


because like the saying goes

it’s funny how someone can break your heart

and you still love him

with all the broke and busted pieces

left lying on the floor



© The Love Fix







dancing singing chatting laughing sighing dying lying

orgasmic catastrophic

morphing trancing

can’t get enough

take too much

react attack retreat delete

disappear reappear




would you change a single thing?

would you eliminate

the first kiss?

the first time?


the last time?






A Love Song

“By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not…” Song of Solomon 3:1


her head upon her pillow

she reaches

her fingers touch

the silky sheets

the empty space

the sacred place

inside of her


waiting for him


she whispers

my beloved is mine, and I am his

come to me, mi amor

I burn for you

I give you my body

make love to my soul






Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.38.05 PM




there is no sense

in love

love breaks

all the rules

love is designed for fools

who never went to Love School


a fool for love I am

a princess I can be

and Knights turn into nights,



and melancholy


dreams of what could have been

if only love made sense

and I had attended




and learned my lessons

(instead of drinking coffee at Starbucks)

and dreaming of Knights in shining armor


and going to chick flicks

with sappy-happy love-endings


then maybe I could understand,

have a well developed

love sense

instead of well-developed boobs…
it’s late, I ramble foolishly


why couldn’t hearts come with instruction manuals


by now, with all my experience,

I should be a sleek and sexy operating machine

so why can’t I seem to find the one?






Yearnings… p o e t r y





by Lynda Filler

in the stillness

of this New Year’s night

I stare at stars

i m a g i n i n g

if they could speak

would they repeat


of lovers past

lovers thwarted

lovers longing

for memories

for chances

to re-invent

to re-live

to realize hearts last journey

when spirits soared

and hope was alive

when love took my breath away

and time stood still




I Taste Just Like A Woman



I Taste Just Like A Woman


come dance

around the contours of my body

(I taste just like a woman)

and delve into the

musings of my heart

past Knights no longer satisfy

the cravings of my soul

come dance

around my naked lips

erotic words of love

seeking yours to sip

my tongue to dip




of you

in sync

a journey combined

destination unknown

power of two-squared

orgasmic partnership

unlimited potential for love


by Lynda Filler 




Pablo Neruda, on the Intersection of Politics and Poetry, Longreads

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