Life Beats

  Life Beats   Deadmau 5 House Beats on my cellular eyes wide shut finger moves to snooze   pink-laced mist licking the Sierras Mac awake and rising thick espresso bubbling over Seattle's Best, thoughts of you   half a bed needs no making love alert:  missing person a Multi-vitamin single supplement one slice of … Continue reading Life Beats

Sex Toys and Videotape

© Lynda Filler Photography   Sex Toys and Videotape she stood before her mirror anointing and appointing black lace silky sexy hose satin ropes silver hand cuffs and a very long, very fat toy   a boy’s toy for a man’s game   would it please him would it seize him embrace his imagination inflame … Continue reading Sex Toys and Videotape

Follow Your Bliss

© Lynda Filler Photography    Porto, Portugal   Follow Your Bliss   flaming amber mane flying over banisters, ledges, stairs you climb in your haste to kiss me   I smile eager for a nuzzle books lined up in doorways “this shop is mine!” I cry “you can’t fly, you silly ninny!” I giggle as … Continue reading Follow Your Bliss

Damn Man

  envy dripped from lipsticked lips pencil sharp her botoxed brows with piercing eyes she assessed her prey and screeched “She’s such a cow!”     her girlfriends huddled by her side held back her anorexic arms stiletto heels tap tap tapped a bomb they attempted to disarm   “he’s not worth it!” they shouted … Continue reading Damn Man